A platform for your digital invitations.
To private get togethers
and public events.


About Stuff

Stuff is the brainchild of Mads, Thomas and Simon.
We want you to keep track of your private invitations, 
while also being inspired to attend great public events that matches your taste. 
Stuff can be used by anyone. Everywhere.

We're launching September 2018.

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Overview & Inspiration

Browse great public events made available by organisers and the community. Filter on interests.

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Send your invitations

Send private invitations or post public events to the platform.
Manage your RSVPs.

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Manage your events

Manage your invitations and public events you might attend. Embeds easily into your phone’s calendar.



Thomas Kenne
Technology - Development

Independent developer. Building stuff that works and scales for large corporations and startups.
Proud soccer team sponsor.


Mads Jakob Poulsen
Design - Brand

Independant Creative Director based out of New York City. Design, brand and great stories. Never gets his head around Jira.


Simon Schultz
Product - Business

A Jack of all trades. Master of none. Built everything from teletext services to a small brewery. Happy moped owner.

Join Stuff

We are continuously looking for great people,
with awesome editorial, curation and communication skills in different cities.
Check our available positions.


Launching September 2018