Saunagus Festival

Welcome to the first Saunagus Festival, a weekend of fun and wellness with Sauna masters, Saunagus sessions & Saunagus training, music & celebration.

Saunagus Festival
16. november 2018 10:00
18. november 2018 22:00

Saunagus is aroma therapy in the sauna. The “Gus Master” works with aromatic oils on the hot sauna oven.

Steam is swung around in the sauna using a towel, distributing an oil-infused steam throughout the sauna. It is typically performed in three sets of increasing intensity, interrupted by short breaks, where you have the possibility of cooling off and drinking some liquid.

The Festival starts from noon on Friday November 16th until late Sunday November 18th. You are free to choose any sessions you desire using our app. 

Every GusMaster has their own unique style, which means you may have very different experiences depending on the Gus Master who performs your Saunagus.

We use organic essential oils only, offer frozen fruits during the sessions and frozen hats as a complimentary and therapeutic gesture. During the breaks you are to enjoy cold lemonades, fresh fruits or what is scheduled to be served.

Each session is 60 minutes. That is: 3 x 10min of gus sessions and the rest breaks in between where you can cool down in the lounge or outside in the street (bring flip flops). Wear swimsuit and we strongly recommend that you bring a robe or rent at the studio.


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