Social Service Club #01

November 10th is the unruly beginning of Social Service Club — an event series and platform devoted to helping people live purposefully in our hyper-digital, climate-affected and often-divided world.

Social Service Club #01
10. november 2018
03:00 - 14:00
ArtRebels HQ, Sturlasgaade 14, Islands Brygge, Copenhagen

Welcome to Social Service Club.

Our world is more complex than ever before, and so too is nurturing a healthy spirit and headspace. Social Service Club is a place to cultivate human potential and shamelessly celebrate our collective creativity.

On November 10th at our new ArtRebels HQ we’re launching the club. Join us between 2PM—3AM at Sturlasgaade 14 for a ripe day of art, music, talks, screenings, poetry and debates all aimed at trying to regain a sense of control and agency in our wild, changing world.

Membership is free - just come along and get involved.

Explore further and join the club here ⟶


And if you’re interested in something a little more intimate,
 you’re so welcome to join our Morning Academy. This is where the professionals take over. In the Academy you can expect focused workshops, guided sessions and some concrete strategies and self-understanding that you can take home with you.

Take your pick below.

Academy #1: The brave new world of psychedelic therapy
Dr David Erritzøe & Dr Rosalind Watts
Mental health issues are on the rise. Even as we accumulate knowledge, extend assistance and de-stigmatise the issues, more and more people are struggling to find help. We need some novel strategies, and researchers at Imperial College London may have rediscovered them.

In this Academy David and Rosalind will guide us through the history, current research and potential futures of psychedelics in medicine, therapy and beyond. Read more and sign up here.

Academy #2: Tell me about yourself
Holley M. Murchison
This is an Academy for creative minds with promising ideas who struggle to compellingly articulate the layers of themselves and their work. We’ll focus on crafting meaningful and tangible personal narratives by first building an intangible understanding of ourselves and our personal values. Read more and sign up here.

The Academy includes coffee, croissants and a shared community lunch.


   The greatest form of despair is not being who you are — Søren Kierkegaard


We can’t wait to celebrate with all of you.

With love,
the ArtRebels Team


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