About Stuff

Stuff is a platform for invitations to small and large events.
For everyone. Nicely linked to your preferred calendar tool, so you can spend more time on stuff that matters.

We launched Stuff in December 2018 to create a proper and greater alternative to what is already out there. We are based out of beautiful New York City and Copenhagen.

Easy to send out invitations

Stuff lets you easily create and distribute invitations in a few minutes.
Customize your invitation and distribute in two ways:
Send email invitations directly from Stuff or distribute the same link to everyone.

Easy to manage

As a guest your invitation is easily added to your preferred calendar.
Organizers can edit the event, invite more people, track and manage RSVPs, send reminders and cancellations.

For everyone

Stuff does not require anyone to download an application.
No login is required for invited guests - they are only required to RSVP by email or through the browser.

Works with your preferred calendar

All you Stuff events can be synchronised into your preferred calendar tool.
Read more: Subscribing to your personal Stuff calendar.
As a host you can track your RSVPs from within your calendar tool. No need to go to Stuff.li.

And we will always make sure your calendar events are up-to-date. Whenever an invitation has been added to your calendar, they will stay updated.

Great for Professional Organizers

Stuff is not only for invitations to private events.
We offer neat partner pages for professional organizers who need to reach a larger audience.
Drop an email to simon@stuff.li for great examples and a chat about possibilities.

Data & Privacy

We are taking your data and privacy very seriously.
We are really limiting the usage of 3rd parties. And we are only collecting the data about your invitations and usage which is necessary to create a great platform like Stuff.
Check out our privacy policy for more details.