26. October 2018
20:00 - 23:00
Music Hall of Williamsburg

Dario Darnell wouldn’t be where he is now if he’d grown a little bit more. At school he was a prodigious basketball talent, playing on a national level, with his eyes set on playing professionally. “But then I got to 13,” he laughs, “and all my mates shot up, and I stayed the same size!” So, instead, he fixed his sights on music, and – though it’s been a long and peculiar path from there to his current success as Youngr, with millions of YouTube views and dedicated fans all over the world – hasn’t looked back.

Then again, it feels like music would’ve taken over his life one way or another. It’s literally in Dario’s blood: his dad is August Darnell aka the mighty Kid Creole. Though his parents split up when he was three, and Dario and his brother were raised by their mother in Manchester, their dad was a big presence in their life, taking them on tour in the summer holidays. “We’d go from normal struggles and stable life in Manchester,” he says, “with beans on toast for tea, to watching Dad from the side of the stage!”

Some kids of musician parents try hard to differentiate themselves, but Dario is proud of his roots. He’ll happily show you video of himself as a tiny kid, wearing a zoot suit like his dad (“I used to wear one three-piece suit in the day,” he says, “then insist on changing into a different one for dinner!”) and playing the drums. Both he and his brother Lorne picked up every instrument they could lay hands on, and were jamming in the basement from as early as he can remember. Even when basketball was Dario’s focus, they never stopped playing music.


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