29. march 2019 - 7. april 2019
All day
The Tank, W36 st.

Unfolding is a contemporary fairy tale that magically transports the audience through space and time, capturing the journey of a woman as she navigates a life of self-discovery.  

A puppet theatre production, Unfolding weaves together nostalgic youth and covetable wisdom to explore themes of female wisdom and empowerment, using moving performance and puppetry, shadow imagery, unique design, exquisitely hand-crafted puppets, and poignant original live music.  

The show has been performed at international festivals and venues
in the USA, Bulgaria, and Turkey.
March 29, Friday, 8pm (Preview)
March 30, Saturday, 3pm and 8pm
March 31, Sunday, 3pm and 8pm
April 5, Friday, 8pm
April 6, Saturday, 3pm and 8pm
April 7, Sunday, 3pm and 8pm
Tickets $15-$25 can be purchased here, or follow the link to our crowdfunding campaign below to see how to receive tickets and other rewards for your charitable contribution!


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