Stuff: Made for organisers

Stuff is made for organisers with multiple events.

We want to help you make sure, that people don't forget about your events.
Reach out to Simon on if you have any questions.

A Customised Overview

Organisers' events will will be shown in a customised overview.
For easy overview and and easy access from websites, newsletters and other platforms.

  • Customised overview on a preferred url (
  • Image, logo, company description and company url.
  • An overview of all your events

Keep your guests up-to-date

Stuff is made so people won't forget about events.
People should be reminded about your events - through calendar tool they are actually using.

  • Integrates smoothly with Outlook, Apple Calendar and Google Calendar.
  • Synchronises with a personalised Stuff calendar.
  • Never more drowning in a sea of red notification messages.

Works for everyone

Your events will be easily available to everyone.
And basic functionality like adding your events to a calendar will not require a user login.
Meaning it just works - for everyone.

  • Be available for everyone
  • Be part of our curated overviews for people looking for inspiration.
  • Increase your event attendance.

Something for you? Let's talk...

We are currently on-boarding organisers for free. 
At some point in time Stuff will start to charge for services for organisers, but as an early partner, we are happy to let you continue on an evergreen deal. 

We suggest that you familiarise with Stuff as a platform and create an event. 
Then reach out to Simon Schultz on
who will make sure you are on-boarded and get the access required.



Let's get you set up with a profile to send invitations, allow comments and track RSVPs.

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