Our thoughts on Privacy

At Stuff we are taking Privacy and Transparency on how we are using our customers' data seriously.

You should refer to our Cookie and Privacy Policy for the exact details.
In overall terms this is our take on a responsible approach to privacy and transparency.

  1. We are only collecting data which is needed for a good experience on sending and receiving invitations.
  2. We are deleting data as soon as it is no longer relevant.
  3. We are not smothering our service in 3rd party tools to track each and every step you are taking. Great services are built in close collaboration with customers and users. Not by analysing numbers and user funnels in a spreadsheet.
  4. We are limiting the use of 3rd party tools to a minimum. Currently only working with:
  5. The only tracking tool we are using is a self-hosted version of Matomo (located on AWS servers). IP addresses are anonymised (198.162.0.xxx).
  6. We are continuously working on being as transparent as possible on how and where specific data is being used.

Let us know if you have any suggestions on how privacy and transparency can be improved on Stuff.
And do reach out to us on hello@stuff.li if you have any questions or comments on how we are treating your data and privacy.



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